To analyze ARM architecture

Starter Packs

Malware analysis


Service External reviewer for DATE 2022, CHES 2018 Presentations Opacity properties and SMT solvers Poster session - SecDays Workshop, Rennes, France, January 2019 Opacity properties and SMT solvers Presentation at the 1st Workshop Protection du code et des données, obfuscation & whitebox cryptography, Paris-Saclay, France, December 2018 Other SMT benchmarks with opaque predicates for the SMT-COMP Joint work with Olivier DECOURBE, Rennes, France, January 2019 [Read More]



To refine symbolic and concrete deobfuscation of programs protected by opaque predicates, Gonzalvez, A. (2020, June), ((French)Doctoral dissertation, Ecole nationale supérieure Mines-Télécom Atlantique), Rennes, France.


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